Anjeanette's Friendly Corn Snakes

How I got started..with breeding.

I have been keeping corn snakes for over 5 years now. In 2011 I accidentally put two of my adult corn snakes Zoe and Kasper together not knowing their genders. I quickly discovered that Zoe was a female and Kasper was a male. And 30 days later I had 11 very healthy and viable eggs. Unfortunately, since this pairing happened accidentally, I was not prepared to incubate the eggs properly and it was in the middle of winter Jan. 2011 so I had not a warm enough area to keep the eggs safe. I ended up losing all those eggs. I was very upset and sad. But I had two other adult females and another one that I kind of knew was a male so I wanted to try my hand knowingly to see if I could get some more eggs to incubate. This time I made sure I had my incubator and my containers and all the other necessary things I needed before I proceeded to do this. 

I decided to put my male Kasper with my oldest female Diamond she is my inspiration and the one that got me hooked in keeping corn snakes. She is worth more to me then I think anything else is in my life right now.  I love her so much. I took Diamond and put her with Kasper and they mated fairly quickly but I also wanted to see if I could put her with my other almost for sure known male Bindi to see if they would mate. He wasn't interested for awhile but finally got things rolling and mated with Diamond as well and I did this with Bindi and Diamond twice and Kasper and Diamond twice.  She ended up laying 23 eggs total but she was not doing so well with laying them. She laid most of them strewn around her enclosure and not in the egg laying box I had in her enclosure. She was very stressed from this and all her eggs except for 2 of them were no good. They were all slugs.  The two I incubated lasted half way through incubation and because I was a nervous wreck and very new at this breeding thing I tried candling the eggs and 1 of them busted in my hands.  The last egg remaining also did not make it. On top of that the 23rd egg she did not pass for 3 weeks. She finally did pass it on her own though which ultimately is a very good thing. So I had again, failed in having any eggs to produce any baby corn snakes with. The most important thing though was for me take care of Diamond and to keep a eye on her so she could make a full recovery from the hard time she had laying her eggs. Which I did and she is doing much much better now and has gained all her weight back and gain more since then. She's doing very well.  

My last female I have is Rose which she is a normal corn snake and the one I originally bought for my niece Selena who at the time was 5 yrs old. However, she  has not been able to keep Rose at her house with her mom and dad because of their living arrangements. So I have been keeping her here with me until Selena is old enough to have her and take care of her on her own.  I went ahead and decided to breed Rose with Kasper and she produced 20 eggs 19 viable and 1 slug. All 19 viable eggs hatched into beautiful sweet little baby corn snakes. Rose did a very good job in laying her eggs and the babies for the most part came out healthy.

These babies she had from Kasper were all different colors. Rose is a normal, in this picture she is gravid and Kasper is my Silver Queen Ghost corn. They produced 5 Amelanistics, 4 Anerytherstics, 3 Snow corns, 3 ghost corns, 2 hypos and 2 normals. Which I was very surprised that I got such variety. I was expecting to only have normals.

A week after having these babies all hatched out 1 of my anery babies died of heat exposure. I had taken them all outside in their little containers to show some neighbor kids and I wasn't aware of how hot it got inside the containers. So when I realized what was happening I grabbed up all the containers and got back inside. It was to late for 1 of the babies though, it had dried up from over heating. I was devastated. The rest of the babies were doing fine though and got them cold drinking water and kept a eye on them for a few days. A couple of weeks after that 1 of my amel babies escaped it's container and has not been found. 

I have successfully sold most of the other babies I had. I do have 3 left. 2 of the three are being kept until I can get them to eat on a regular basis on their own. And one I have left for sale. It's a very beautifully marked normal corn snake, eating very good for me and growing quickly. 

Rose is a pretty special girl, not only is she the one I bought for my niece but a year after I had bought her she escaped her enclosure and was thought that we would never see her again. I bought her August 25, 2008 and she escaped her enclosure on August 18, 2009. She was not found until March 29, 2010 by our neighbor guy who was also a maintenance guy for our trailer court. He had been underneath our trailer getting a ladder and he saw Rose all curled up in a pvc pipe, very cold and a little wet but he caught her and put her in a bucket with a lid until I got home that day and I could not believe my eyes when I saw her. She is a miracle snake, at least to me she is.  I was so happy to see her alive. At first she tried to attack me and strike at me when trying to get her out of the bucket but she calmed down very quickly and I took her inside got her warmed up and set her up in a temporary container and she ate two mice within two days of having her back. I was holding her with my bare hands the very night she was found. It was awesome. And Selena was so thrilled and happy to see her Rose back home safe and sound.  

This is how I started breeding my snakes and how I came interested in breeding them. However, I will always love and care for my 5 adult corn snakes that I have and will never put them in any danger with breeding them if they are having a hard time with it.  They are most importantly my pets and they mean everything to me.  I will be adding pictures on here of my snakes and adding a little more detail on how I got each one of them.  I will also be letting you know who I am putting together in pairs for next years breeding's.